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27 May

Apache .htaccess rule to use php as html documents

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The following simple webmaster trick shows how to change the Apache server configuration through a .htaccess file to use dynamic php pages in .html files. To take the effect, the following .htaccess file should be in the webserver’s DocumentRoot directory. AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .html

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16 May

What is the best WordPress permalink structure?

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The default WordPress permalink structure is not very SEO friendly as they looks like some “domain.com/?p=123” URL format. From the SEO point of view most likely the “domain.com/postname” alone or the “domain.com/category/postname” URL formats are the best choice. /%category%/%postname%/ I recently use the “Pretty Permalinks” option which gives the “domain.com/2008/05/16/postname” URL format. I don’t change […]

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14 May

Web based content management systems

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I am interesting in content management and systems used. Nowadays there are lot of web based cms solutions, but only few can satisfy the real professional requirements with top usability. Here is a list of mostly free common web based blogs, wikis or portal systems i experienced with or at least tested. Most of web server […]

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